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Literary & Arts Conference

Saturday, May 13, 10am-2pm (conference), 2pm-6pm (street festival/concert) | RSVP FOR FREE HERE!

Annual Literary & Arts Conference, African American Museum in Philadelphia (701 Arch Street), FREE (donations welcome), RSVP HERE

Hosted at the beloved African American Museum in Philadelphia, this year's conference will feature some of the region's most talented authors and artists, as well as a plethora of workshops, panel discussions, screenings and author readings. The day's events will be in conjunction with the AAMP's Family Fun Day, which will provide a youthful track to enrich the teens and little ones! 

9:30AM—10:15AM: Opening Keynote Presentation with Solomon Jones, AAMP Auditorium

10:30AM—11:15AM: Financial Literacy Workshop with Breanna Colon, AAMP Auditorium

11:30AM—12:15PM: Thesentur: Conscientious Objector to Formalism with Theodore Harris, AAMP Auditorium

12:30PM—1:15PM: Poetry Workshop with Nina “Lyrispect” Ball, AAMP Auditorium

1:30PM—2:15PM: Protect Your Artistic Work! with National Writers Union, AAMP Gallery 4

2:30PM—3:15PM: Genealogy 101 Workshop with Regina Vaughan, AAMP Gallery 4

3:30PM—4:15PM: How Big Is Your World and Revisiting Your Self-Worth: Vision Collaging Workshop with Betty Battle, AAMP Gallery 4

4:30PM—5:00PM: Closing Author Reading with Liza Jessie Peterson, AAMP Gallery 4

Throughout the day, there will be artistic displays from our teaching artists at Bregy Elementary School, Church of the Advocate, Beckett Life Center, and more!


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